How to Make a Simple Flower Crown Without Wire

Braiding simple crowns from wildflowers is such a wholesome memory from my childhood and something I still enjoy doing.

Flower crowns are actually traditional headpieces from ancient Greece and were worn to honor the gods on special occasions.

During the midsummer in Sweden, many Swedish people like to wear flower crowns and braid flower garlands that are placed on the Maypole.

It’s such a simple and beautiful DIY but oftentimes requires tools such as wires and scissors which are not something you usually carry around with you on a summer walk through the field.

Continue reading to find out how you can quickly make your own flower crown without wire.

Flower crown with different flowers.

DIY Flower Crown Without Wire

The easiest way of crafting this gorgeous headpiece is by making (what I like to call) a looped flower crown.

It’s a simple technique that anyone can learn after a few tries.

1. Select Your Flowers

Most commonly dandelions will be used for flower crowns but you could virtually use any flower as long as the stems are at least a few inches long.

Even herbs such as lavender can be braided into a crown and they will make for a great scented decoration in your home.

Once you got a bit of practice, you can even select multiple flowers and herbs to use in the same crown.

2. Prepare the Flowers

You can remove any stems that are longer than 3 inches to avoid any bulk in the crown but this step is optional.

Use one flower as your starting flower.

This flower should still have a very long stem to make the looping easier.

3. Start Braiding

Take the starting flower into one hand and lay another flower overtop just beneath the starting flower.

Wrap the stem of your second flower behind and over the starting flower and align the stems over each other.

Continue with the next flower in the same way as the other one.

Woman braiding flower crown.

Place it just beneath the second flower, wrap the stem behind and over so that the three stems are aligned on top of each other.

Continue looping until you have reached your desired length.

Woman braiding dandelion flower crown.

4. Complete the Crown

To connect the ending and starting point of your flower crown, overlap the two ends and take another flower to lay over top.

Using the exact same technique as before, wrap the stem around both ends several times and tuck the end into the flower crown.

Repeat this step a few more times with different flowers to properly secure both ends.

5. Decorate Your Crown

If there are a few awkward spaces in your crown, you can use the loops to tuck in additional flowers and just tie the stems around the crown.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to use different types of flowers to make the crown more interesting and colorful.

Braided Flower Crown

Woman braiding a flower crown using dandelions.

Flower crowns can also be braided similarly to a standard three-strand braid that you would use in your hair.

Choose three flowers and braid them together by placing the right flower in the middle, then the left flower, and repeating this until you have created a braid that is about an inch long.

Add a fourth flower to the middle stem and continue braiding until there is space for another flower head.

Once you have reached your desired length, tuck the end into the first braid to secure it.

If you have flower wire or tape on hand, you can use that to secure different sections of the braid along the way.

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