A Complete Guide to Goblincore

If you’ve heard about the term Cottagecore, you might have stumbled upon a lesser-known aesthetic called “Goblincore”.

Maybe you’ve heard someone refer to it as “celebrating ugly or dirty things”.

It’s true. Goblincore celebrates lots of things from nature that some people would find… less beautiful.

If that sounds like you then keep on reading and find out more about goblincore fashion, its differences from other aesthetics, and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

What Is Goblincore?

The term itself comes from the words “goblin” and “core.” A goblin is an ugly creature with strange features, while core means that the aesthetic is centered around the prefix.

Goblins are often associated with dirtiness or ugliness; this connection between goblins and dirt gives us our word for this new aesthetic: Goblincore!

Mushrooms in a dark forest.

Goblincore can be found in the form of anything from animals to plants, and it has been increasing in popularity over time.

Is Goblincore a Subculture?

Yes, goblincore is one of the aesthetic subcultures that mostly express their sense of style online through mood boards, Tumblr, and videos.

Aesthetic refers to something’s fundamental qualities, features, or aspects; this includes physical beauty which enthusiasts of this aesthetic try to find where others can’t seem to grasp any beauty.

A subculture is a group of people with the same interests, hobbies, or behaviors who are part of either an independent culture within a larger one.

All members typically have some form of identification and belonging to that specific group due to their commonalities.

The term “sub-culture” can refer not only to large groups such as those found in the punk rock movement but also smaller ones like fans of heavy metal music.

Goblincore is a subculture that is often frowned upon by society, but it has a strong following that finds the aesthetic to be beautiful.

A subculture can have many different meanings depending on your perspective and what you identify with.

What Is the Difference Between Cottagecore and Goblincore?

The difference between something like Cottagecore and Goblincore is that the latter embraces the Goblin creature which is often portrayed as thieving and thus negative.

Cottagecore is a very bright and happy aesthetic with colourful dresses and white baby goats.

Regarding goblincore, you might’ve noticed that the nature theme is – with the focus being on the forest – is more prevalent here than in other aesthetics.

Nature-focused aesthetics such as cottagecore also celebrate the forest as a key point but they primarily focus on crop, flower fields and farmland.

The collecting and hoarding of items is a small part of cottagecore and mainly revolves around vintage items while goblins like small and shiny items which they call “shinies”.

They also thrive in a cluttered environment while cottagecore people enjoy the airy and light feeling of a room.

Goblincore vs. Dragoncore

Goblincore is similar to dragoncore in that they both involve celebrating aspects of nature that are commonly seen as “ugly” or “dirty.”

However, Goblincore’s celebration of these aspects dives deeper into nature’s core; it can include anything from frogs and snails to moss, mud, plants, fungi such as mushrooms.

They both celebrate mythical creatures, hoarding of items, as well as dark and earthy colors.

Gemstone collection.

Goblincore Outfits & Fashion

The goblin-like fashion aesthetic is uncomplicated and versatile, allowing creative interpretations from fans.

It can involve any clothing that’s easy to take off or put on, with a focus on distressed patterns or clothes that are second-hand.

Sweaters and unique socks are often staples of this look; other favorites include worn-out jeans/overalls and poofy hair.

Goblincore fashion is all about looking like you’re ready to go out on an adventure, but maintaining your appearance may not be a top priority.

Some other popular outfits for Goblincore are those which involve corsets and fishnet shirts, tights with lace patterns or ripped jeans.

In this aesthetic, it is common to wear mismatched pieces of clothing such as a dress worn over pants or leggings.

Other clothes that can be seen in goblincore fashion include tank tops, shorts, overalls made from various materials like suede, cotton blends, linen blends etc., gloves (typically fingerless), hoodies/sweatshirts with patches on the sleeves and back pocket edges.

Whatever you feel comfortable wearing when exploring nature!

Key colors of goblincore are dark greens, dark reds, dark blues and earthy tones.

Goblincore is not limited to these colors though.

Some prefer to stick to all black and gray outfits while others may choose brighter colors such as beige and white.

The goblincore aesthetic is not limited to clothing as it can be applied to makeup too.

Common products for this type of look include black eyeliner, coal eye shadow, dark red lipstick, or glosses with a similar color such as purple or blue.

Most goblins however prefer to wear no make up at all to keep the look more natural and practical.

Accesoiries are minimal and usually limited to mushroom earrings, tote bags, buttons, and beanies.

Popular goblincore shoewear includes Birkenstocks, Dr. Martens, combat boots, and Vans Old Skools in black or white leather with patches on the heel and toe of the shoe (similar to a hoodie).

If you are comfortable with it try walking bare feet once in a while to feel more connected to the forest!

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  1. omg thank you! Ever since I first heard of goblincore on tumblr when i was like 11 I’ve always wanted my style to be like it, this is going to help me get my dream of being a green-skinned creature who steals shinies so much, thank you!

  2. i can’t thank you enough for making this!! i’ve always been really into cottagecore but it just seemed too idyllic and tailored to me if that makes sense, but when i discovered goblincore i knew it was for me. i couldn’t find anything good on how to “be” goblincore until this so thank you so much!! <3

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment Moth! I’ve never found anything on goblincore myself so I decided to create this resource. 🙂

  3. I am so happy that I found this goblincore resource! I have been trying to find a style/s or aesthetics that suit me and I haven’t been able to find a lot to go on for goblincore until this, so thank you!

  4. As an enby folk, cottagecore was too feminine for my interests and dragoncore was too masculine. Goblincore is perfect, and I wouldn’t have found it if not for this article!!!! You are a brilliant writer and a thourough journalist! Thank you so so so so much, Danielle 🙂

  5. How do I dress goblincore in the summer? I’m not a fan of tanktops, and I don’t want to look feminine.

    -A demiboy Gremlin named Gale

    • Hi Gale,

      it’s definitely not easy to find goblin core clothes that are suitable for hot weather. But I have a few suggestions for you like a forest themed short sleeved button shirt with corduroy shorts.
      Or brown dungarees with a patterned shirt. There are many oversized shirts online with gobliny patterns and slogans that can be paired with shorts. Vests are also a great idea to add to your outfit.
      As for shoes you can use classic sneaker or even crocs. Round emerald coloured sunglasses also fit perfectly.


  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS, youtube videos and TikToks aren’t the same as this article I am super excited to become a little goblin and steal shiny things from my goblin BSF! Thank u again

  7. this is the best one describing me and what i like and how i dress and i never knew why all my friends called me a goblin and sprout and said i had a goblin Core Aesthetic thanks i know know that there are people like me some ware out there

  8. this is so helpful cause all my friends are like you are so goblin core and i was so confused on what that was until i found this cause all the TikTok’s were confusing and were no help at all thanks for helping me understand more about my self and helping me find out there are other people like me 🙂


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