15 Vintage Cottagecore Wedding Dresses Under $2000

Planning a wedding is a very complex and time-consuming matter. From budgeting to the guest list and venue choice, every part must be planned thoroughly to ensure a successful wedding day.

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the bride’s wedding dress. Everyone has their own taste but a few very popular themes have emerged that can make for an amazing wedding style.

Among them are vintage, romantic, bohemian, rustic, and whimsical. Key elements may include lace, nature, macramé, string lights, antique decor, flowers, and pastels.

Materials, silhouettes and styles are mostly inspired by dresses from decades ago with a light modern touch to them.

Every dress in this list fits one or more of these wedding themes and one of them may be the perfect choice for your cottagecore wedding.

All of these beautiful gowns cost less than $2000 but keep in mind that prices may change over time.

I wanted to start off this list with the most expensive wedding dress.

Although its regular price is above $2000, the shop frequently runs sales and I just had to include it.

I mean look at it! It literally embodies the romanticized side of farm life.

Instead of milk-white, this dress has a beautiful cream-gold color that flows all around you and drapes to the ground.

The huge puff sleeves are detachable and you can choose between different materials such as satin, silk, and chiffon.

Price: $1,768

Where to buy: Kuraje Wedding Dresses

This lace embroidered wedding gown looks absolutely magical. It is fitted at the bodice and flows out to the ground with a deep V-neckline.

Dresses come in many different silhouette versions. In this case, we have an A-line silhouette as it resembles the outline of an uppercase A.

They are slim at the top, fitted on the waist and flare out to the hem.

The semi-transparent skirt and sleeves are sprinkled with white dots that resemble falling snow.

Price: $978

Where to buy: Couture Candy

Did you know that white wedding dresses only recently became fashionable? The meaning associated with colors constantly changes over time.

Before the 19th century, white was actually the color of mourning and not associated with weddings at all.

Wedding dresses were mostly cream but many wore blue, green or even gold.

Color greatly depended on the family’s financial resources and many women simply wore their best dress.

This champagne, vintage-inspired gown enchants with plenty of richly embroidered flowers and sequin embellishments.

The net under layer is wrapped in a voluminous skirt that softly flows around the legs.

Price: $455

Where to buy: Tradesy

Yes, this is the second dress from Etsy and it’s even from the same designer (and it won’t be the last one).

During my research, I stumbled across Etsy for wedding dresses again and again.

After viewing hundreds of dresses I must say that it’s simply the best place online to find a beautiful, custom dress.

The designs are unique, elegant, and most importantly vintage. The skirt of this dress is absolutely breathtaking.

The embroidery and beads on the top look like delicate vines that stretch across the upper front and flow into the puffy skirt with a long train.

It is perfect with and without those magical, long sleeves and the missing straps make it much more elegant.

Price: $1690

Where to buy: Kuraje Wedding Dresses

A whimsical but also very graceful A-line dress that can be custom-made with ivory, champagne, blush, dark brown, or Beige/nude lining.

Just imagine all the dramatic shots that could be made in this dress.

A deep V-neckline stretches out into an open back with delicate lace, tulle skirt, and wide sleeves that are fitted at the wrists.

Pastel-coloured pearls are attached to the waist line that can be paired beautifully with big pearl earrings.

Price: $832

Where to buy: Amelii Dress

Calling this wedding dress stunning would be an underestimation. It is chic, comfortable, and classy.

A truly unique gown with a straight off the shoulder neckline that features a slim V-neck in the center.

Slim at the waist and made of plush chiffon which achieves that airy and flowy appearance.

The puff sleeves lead into a cuff that is embroidered with fine white pearls.

This pearl pattern is repeated on the V-neck to accentuate the small chiffon opening.

Price: $1,450

Where to buy: Kuraje Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a delicate wedding dress with a lot of sheer, this is the one.

It consists of a simple, satin underdress that is covered with several layers of net.

The shirt and sleeves are decorated with white, silvery embroidery that stretches across the chest and wrists.

The dress is fastened at the back with a thin bead thread that is held together by a tiny diamond.

You will have many colors to choose from for the net, main dress, and underdress.

Price: $1,410

Where to buy: Kuraje Wedding Dresses

Hear me out, a wedding during the “most wonderful time of the year” in a vast pine tree forest with this wedding dress.

If you are imagining a specific season and scenery for your wedding, this would be the perfect choice for a winter wedding.

A slim underdress defines the silhouette while the transparent court train extends behind the waist.

The sheer bateau neckline follows the curve of the collarbone to the very tip of the shoulders and leads into an open back.

You can find ivory embroidery throughout the dress with the most concentrated point being the chest and butterfly sleeves.

Price: $1,904

Where to buy: Madame Bridal

I specifically chose this dress for all of my Bridgerton and Jane Austen fans.

It is probably the most beautiful vintage inspired, luxurious dress I have ever seen.

And it looks way more expansive than it actually is.

Again, wedding gowns should fit the scenery, so if you have planned a wedding at an old stone building, this is the one for you.

Everything about this dress looks so noble, from the embroidered corset to the balloon sleeves and the long satin train.

Price: $1,480

Where to buy: Kuraje Wedding Dresses

Beige and nude are such calm and soothing colors.

They symbolize simplicity and comfort and become increasingly popular in the wedding industry.

As a base, nude can be paired with bright and pastel colors, such as in this case.

The gown is decorated with white and purple lace that comes to the fore much more in a darker color.

The beige ribbon belt ties into a bow at the back and travels towards the ground.

Price: $1,750

Where to buy: Madame Bridal

Now we have come to one of my personal favorites on this list.

This dress is just so romantic and whimsical that I immediately want to buy it.

The floral lace appliqué that is repeated throughout the gown is just everything.

A closer look reveals a sophisticated and detailed pattern of small flowers and leaves that are embroidered with tiny pearls on the corset.

The chapel-length train is finished with a horsehair trim that cascades beautifully to the ground.

It also features a wide-open back, laced V-neckline, and butterfly sleeves that are also decorated with floral lace.

Price: $1,186

Where to buy: Selfa Bridal

The only fully embroidered dress on this list and a very unique one.

This dress features a trumpet silhouette which means that it fits closely to the upper body and gradually widens mid-thigh to the hem.

They are oftentimes confused with mermaid dresses that flare out starting from the knees.

A heart-shaped open back is accentuated by cascading fabric that flaunts the same leaf pattern.

The main dress is fully transparent and relies on a white satin underdress for coverage.

Price: $828

Where to buy: Couture Candy

By now you have probably noticed that lace is a big part of vintage wedding dresses.

Especially during the 19th century, lace gowns, embroidered silk, and floral detailing were highly popular.

It took another 100 years for them to become more romantic and feminine.

This history seems to be threaded into this mesmerizing dress with long sleeves and a voluminous skirt.

The nude underdress bestows a subtle color change to the milk-colored main dress that is closely fitted at the top.

Price: $977

Where to buy: Amelii Dress

Ruffles date back to the 15th century and they were very popular during the 70s and 80s.

This dress fits the 60s bohemian vibe perfectly and it consists of several layers of ruffles.

The gown is closed at the neck but the shoulders and collarbones are exposed.

Lacing is used on every part of the gown to give it an interesting texture and deepness.

Price: $550

Where to buy: The Stories of Stuff

Last but definitely not least on this list is in my opinion the most unique and sophisticated of them all.

This all-lace boho wedding dress looks like pure magic from top to bottom.

The different small and large patterns make it so interesting and detailed – a real head-turner!

Areas that are not sparkling with lace are colored in a nude satin that trails across the floor.

The long and transparent sleeves together with the open back and deep V-neck reveal a lot of skin while still maintaining that classy touch.

I would have guessed this dress to be much more expensive!

Price: $1,188

Where to buy: Colibri Fashion Studio

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