Everything You Need to Know About Dragoncore

Dragoncore is a term that you may have picked up on social media channels like Tumblr or Pinterest. Due to the name you probably already know partly what it’s about.

But what is dragon core really about and would you be able to identify as part of this upcoming community?

What Is Dragoncore Aesthetic?

Dragoncore is part of a new internet hype surrounding different aesthetics and their followers. Most of these terms originated around the 2010s on Tumblr and now there are hundreds of different aesthetics.

The aesthetic dragoncore primarily revolves around mythology, the hoarding of objects, and adventure. Those legendary, serpentine creatures are at its core and greatly influence books, movies, and clothing choices.

Other mythical and nature-related aesthetics that have many similarities to dragoncore include ravencore, goblincore, and witchcore.

Dragon over a canyon

Dragoncore Motifs

Most of the key motifs that dragoncore focuses on can be found in mythology. Taking these beautiful and menacing creatures as role models is nothing new.

For centuries the dragon has been a subject of art, folklore, and mythology. Their appearances and the beliefs surrounding them vary greatly depending on region, culture, and religion.

Stories from Western countries often describe the dragon as huge, winged with a teeth-picked mouth that is spitting fire.

Eastern cultures stick closer to the reptilian picture and imagine dragons as wingless and snakelike creatures that have no fire abilities.

They are thought to live in dark, moist underground caves and only come out to satisfy their ravenous appetites.

The dragon core motifs can be best memorized by imagining the fearsome Smaug from Lord of the Rings as he is resting on the top of this huge pile of worldly treasures.

If you want to be more like a dragon, you can focus on common characteristics that most share throughout folklore.

Dragons are supposed to be intelligent, wise, strong, brave, free, and independent. With powerful bodies and wings that can carry them anywhere, they are unstoppable.

Dragoncore Clothes

You can make nearly any clothing item into a fitting dragoncore outfit. There is a lot of room for your creativity and you can just brainstorm different ideas using dragon pictures on Google and Pinterest.

You can wear crop tops, (long) dresses, shirts with puff sleeves, tuxedos, t-shirts, overalls, and suits.

Pair these with faded jeans, cargo pants, corduroy, draping skirts, or suit trousers.

If you want to be a little fancier you can add cloaks, capes, leather gloves, feathers, studs, chains, necklaces, bow ties, lace, or hats.

As for shoes, you can keep it simple with combat boots or you can get really formal with oxfords. Shoes come in so many variations that you can even find some that closely resemble a dragon or snakeskin.

Eyeshadow, as well as lipstick and nail polish, should be kept in a dark red, black, or deep purple with maybe a little bit of shimmer. Accessories should be simple and neutral to not distract from the main clothing items.

Dragoncore Colors

The dragoncore color palette is mostly inspired by nature and the animal itself.

Earthy tones such as green, brown, sand, and grey are super fitting but also colors that are inspired by gems, jewels, and shiny objects can be used.

Depending on what kind of dragon you like most, you can choose nearly any color.

Fire dragons have the key colors red, orange, yellow, and black while water dragons lean more towards the ocean tones like different shades of blue, turquoise, grey, or green.

These colors can be applied to your clothes, makeup, accessories and interior design choices.

dragon spitting fire

Dragoncore Activities

Doing something dragoncore is closely knitted to various art forms. You can sculpt, paint, or draw dragons, and if you don’t have any experience with it you can enroll in drawing classes that can teach you the basics.

Making jewelry such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets is super popular and you could even sell them on online platforms like Etsy.

Writing or reading fantasy stories that have dragons or other mythological creatures in them will guide you deeper into your favorite world.

A few of the books that I can recommend to you are The Hobbit, How to Train Dragons, Dragon’s Bait, Elmer and the Dragon, Wings of Fire, and Seraphina.

You can also spend your time at a library in the mythology section and study folklore and legendary creatures.

If you haven’t already watched the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or Game of Thrones, now is the time to do it.

Going back to what I have mentioned before, collecting special objects that either have value to you or just look pretty, is a big part of dargoncore.

People who are dragoncore usually have a big heart and enjoy caring for other animals or people. If you have pets, spend more time with them and research how you can best care for them on a daily basis.

You can engage in volunteer work at a shelter or charity organization that will definitely appreciate the extra hands.

Going on walks is in my opinion the most inspirational thing you can do. Even if it’s not directly apparent how a forest can have anything to do with dragons, it’s where they supposedly lived.

They not only resided in dank caves but also on mountain ranges and haunted forests. Nearly any dragon story or tale is closely woven into nature as the main setting.

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