What Is Ravencore and Where Did It Come From?

Ravencore or corvidcore is an aesthetic that you have probably seen on Tumblr, Tiktok, or Pinterest.

As the name hints, ravencore has a lot to do with the mystical bird creature called raven but what is ravencore like, and what makes someone fit into this aesthetic?

What Is Ravencore?

Ravencore is a new aesthetic centered around nature and the collecting or “hoarding” of certain objects.

This notion is obviously inspired by the all-black passerine bird and the parent aesthetic cottagecore.

You could say that ravencore is the darker version of cottagecore with mossy grounds instead of flowers and ravens instead of bluejays.

It also takes inspiration from dark academia with a sprinkle of witchcraft.

Ravens prefer to live in wooden areas and mountainous terrain.

They are known for their incredible problem-solving skills as well as imitation and insight and they like to hoard objects, especially shiny ones.

Taking this beautiful and highly intelligent bird as a role model is nothing new.

For centuries the raven has been a subject of art, folklore, and mythology.

Some cultures even see it as a spiritual figure and as a symbol of God’s providence.

a black raven

Why Is It Called Ravencore?

The term ravencore was likely introduced on Tumblr following the hype surrounding cottagecore.

There are a few aesthetics that are closely related to ravencore like goblincore and corvidcore.

The suffix -core in ravencore comes from the word hardcore which describes the most active, committed, or strict members of a group or movement.

Now take this suffix and place anything in front of it and you are left with a term that describes a whole new movement like fairycore, mooncore, or dragoncore.

Ravencore Motifs

Most of the key motifs that ravencore revolves around can be found in nature.

Think about a foggy, dark forest in the mountains with a starlit sky and the soft glow of fireflies.

You may life live in a stone cottage, that is covered with climbing wall ivy and wall hangings.

Similar to the cottagecore aesthetic, taking care of plants or animals through gardening and volunteering is a major joy bringing factor.

Ravens are social creatures and so people within the community like to spend time with other ravens and show off their collection or discuss vintage books together.

As the aesthetic is centered around item cashing, hoarding is a popular activity.

Things that are most commonly collected are crystals, books, plants, candles, silver, jars, mushrooms, teacups, leatherbound journals, and minerals.

Woman with black clothes and a raven on her hand

Ravencore Colors

Ravencore follows a darker color scheme that is mainly inspired by nature and the animal itself.

Although there are white ravens in the wild, the colors that are being used are mainly dark and deep.

Black, brown, silver, mossy green, purple, bronze and dark blue are common colors that ravencore people use for their clothes, interior, and makeup.

Ravencore Fashion

Ravens like to wear vintage, thrifted clothes in neutral or dark colors like black or brown.

Long and midi dresses with ruffles or embroidery are very popular within many aesthetics as well as this one.

But also draping skirts and shawls paired with loosely buttoned shirts can be worn instead of the more fairycore-like dresses.

The materials can range from cotton to linen or sheer fabric that resembles the softness and lightness of wings.

Eyeshadow as well as lipstick should be kept in a dark red or deep purple with maybe a little bit of glitter.

Accessories should be simple and neutral to not distract from the main clothing items.

Ravens like to spend a lot of time in nature and gardening, so make sure to select shoes that can get dirty, are comfortable, and fit the overall look.

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