A Definitive Guide to Fairycore

You may have heard of fairycore before on Tumblr, Twitter, or Tiktok.

As the name hints, fairycore has a lot to do with the magical aspects of life but what is fairycore like, and what makes someone fit into this aesthetic?

What Is Fairycore?

Fairycore is a new aesthetic that celebrates the magical aspects of nature such as flowers, butterflies, springtime and fairy rings as its main focus.

No-one really knows where it originated from but like many similar aesthetics, fairycore was firstly mentioned on Tumblr.

Fairycore actually has a lot of similarities to other popular aesthetics like cottagecore, goblincore or dragoncore.

They all share a love for animals, forest creatures, gardens, and rustic or shiny objects. This is why some people find it so hard to identify with a specific aesthetic.

Fairycore Motifs

There are a variety of key motifs that fairycore revolves around.

Many of these things can be found in nature, especially in forests like natural paths, tree stumps, rivers, tall grass, mushrooms, and wildflowers.

But also the vast fields can be a source of inspiration with their beautiful landscapes and sunsets.

These are the perfect spots for picnics or flower picking.

This may still sound a little bit too cottage core but if you add princess aspects, magical creatures, and fairy rings to it, you will have a whole new aesthetic.

Fairycore Clothes

If you have seen a fairy in movies, pictures or books at least once in your lifetime, you will probably remember the light and airy, voluminous dresses that elegantly cover their bodies.

These dresses are mostly made of sheer fabrics such as chiffon or lace.

They oftentimes have ruffles around the shoulders with flower or glitter stitching.

Shoes should be kept small and inconspicuous like thin slippers or open-toe shoes.

Some even prefer to walk completely barefoot through forests or fields.

Common accessories are ribbons, moonstone rings, long necklaces, and golden bracelets that can be layered to create thin tracing lines.

Hair should be worn loosely half up, down or in braids. Messy buns or curls with bows also complete the fairycore look.

A lot of fairycore actually happens in the face. Makeup can be super gloomy and shimmery with glitter and pastel shades.

Also, a mix of different colors works well.

Fairycore Colors

Compared to a lot of the other aesthetics, the fairycore color palette is rather bright and can have nearly any color although pastel tones are most commonly used.

Colors like pale green, pastel blue/pink/yellow, or cream white are super fitting.

But also earthy tones (that are still happy and bright) can make for a great look.

Fairycore Movies

If you enjoy watching movies and want to get a grasp of what fairycore feels and looks like, here are a few magical recommendations:

  • A little princess
  • Alice in wonderland
  • The secret garden
  • Barbie & the diamond castle
  • Cinderella
  • Peter pan
  • Ferngully
  • Tinkerbell
  • Fairy tale: a true story
  • Secret of moonacre

Fairycore Activities

People who are fairycore like to engage in almost any nature-y hobbies.

Spending time outside is very important and this time could be used for a long walk, gardening or berry/mushroom picking.

You could craft a birdhouse or try woodcarving while sipping on a selection of herbal teas in your favorite mug.

Indoors you could try some handcrafts like sewing, knitting, or embroidery but also reading or drawing is part of the aesthetic.

Decorating your room or whole house can be a fun project to challenge your creativity.

If you have pets, (especially soft ones like bunnies are part of fairycore) caring for them the best way possible should always be one of your top priorities.

If you have a farm close by why not ask if you could help out?

Community gardens are a great way to improve your green thumbs if you do not have a yard.

A lot of the films I have mentioned above are adaptions from books but you could also read poetry in your free time.

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