17 Relaxing Cottagecore Activities for Every Season

Cottagecore is more than just an aesthetic, and it’s an entire way of life, with the activities you partake in, and the way you spend time centered around the aesthetic.

When enjoying activities like this, you can feel even more immersed in your style, and it can create a sense of belonging as well as comfort and nostalgia. 

However, sometimes it can be a little difficult to think of ideas in the first place, and you’re in need of a few extra pointers to get started. 

So, read on to discover 17 relaxing cottagecore activities that are perfect for every season. 

What Is Cottagecore? 

Before we can even begin to start thinking about the hobbies that suit this aesthetic, it’s important to develop an understanding of cottagecore itself.

Essentially, cottagecore is all about simplifying our lives and rooting ourselves back to a more minimalist, natural lifestyle connected with nature and nostalgia. 

As I’ve mentioned already, cottagecore isn’t just about the way you dress, and it means more, giving you a certain feeling when it’s the center of your attention all the time. 

For example, you may have a cottagecore-inspired space, finished with a cozy fireplace for those warm evenings, or perhaps you just enjoy reading Jane Austen’s books. 

No matter how you choose to live the cottagecore life, it’s about fostering the aesthetic as you please. 

Cottagecore takes time to look at our busy, modern lives and swap them for a more nostalgic, traditional lifestyle that’s comforting and slow-paced.

Cottagecore Activities 

It’s easy to see the appeal in an aesthetic like this, and all you need now is to find out about how to spend your time according to cottagecore. 

Of course, the main thing to keep in mind when it comes to deciding on how to spend your time is doing what you enjoy. 

We all have different interests and values and, even though you may share an aesthetic with someone else, you may not both be interested in exactly the same things. 

So, here is a list to begin your inspiration, but it’s only a guide so feel free to practice your own hobbies and, equally, there’s no obligation to complete everything below. 

1. Sewing, Knitting and Embroidery 

Firstly, one of the most cottagecore-related pastimes is getting creative and making something using different skills and techniques. 

If you know how to sew, knit, embroider, or any other technique, why not exercise your skills and have practice at making something?

And, if you want to challenge yourself, try something new, by learning a technique you don’t already know, or working with new patterns. 

2. Painting or Drawing 

Another creative option is to create 2D art, in the form of painting or drawing using a variety of different media. 

While pencils and paint are two of the most accessible and common materials used for an activity like this, don’t feel limited by them. 

Perhaps it’s time to get out some charcoal and chalk, or even have a go at mixing your own paints using natural materials, such as vegetables. 

3. Cooking 

There’s nothing better than sitting down at mealtime to eat something that’s fresh out of the oven, or straight from the pan. 

If you’ve got some time to kill but wish to spend it on something helpful and productive, cook something to nourish your body. 

If you don’t know how to cook already, there’s no better time to learn than now. 

4. Gardening 

I’ve mentioned that much of the cottagecore aesthetic delves into nature, and gardening is a perfect way to do this. 

Particularly on chillier days when you want to get some fresh air but it’s too cold to be out all day, gardening is great. 

And, while you’re at it, learn something new about the plants and flowers around you. 

5. Snuggle by the Fire 

There’s never been anything quite as cozy as a log-burning fire, with its tell-tale smoky fumes that instil a sense of calm and coziness all throughout your house. 

On a chilly evening, just relax by the fire, snuggle with any pets or loved ones you may have, and take in the peace and silence of the moment. 

6. Brew Some Tea or Hot Cocoa 

Much like the previous option, here’s something to do if you don’t have the same luxury of a fireplace to sit in front of. 

Take your time to brew your favourite tea or a mug of hot cocoa if you prefer, and sit on your sofa wrapped in a blanket, soaking up the moment.

7. Bake Something Sweet 

Cooking isn’t for everyone, and maybe you’ve already cooked the day’s meals, and you’re eager to get on with a new project in the kitchen. 

If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to get the whisk out in preparation for some baking. 

You can tailor your choice of sweet treats to suit the season (gingerbread at Christmas, anyone?), and even share them with your friends and family if you make too much. 

8. Reading

While it’s good to relax your mind much of the time, sometimes it’s also beneficial to enrich it in your free time. 

Reading is the intellectual equivalent of a walk for your brain, and it’s something many of us just never have the time, or even the commitment, to pursue. 

Dig out a classic favorite, or a crisp new novel, turn on your reading lamp, and lose yourself in a book.

9. Take a Long Walk 

Exercise for your body is just as important as your brain, and that’s why a light walk can help you unwind and de-stress. 

Even if you don’t feel stressed right now, where’s the harm in spending a little more time with nature and getting a whiff of fresh air. 

And, if you’ve got a dog, you won’t be the only one benefitting from this one. 

10. Make Some Jam

Jam making is an art, and it’s something that the likes of farmers and their spouses have mastered over the years, making it the ultimate cottagecore skill.

It’s true: learning to make jam could take you a little getting used to, but the payoff is real once you’ve mastered the technique, and you spread a burst of homemade flavour onto your toast each morning.

While you’re at it, go out and pick some of the seasonal fruit to add to your jam, too.

11. Play Animal Crossing 

Perhaps it’s not the most traditional activity on this list but playing Animal Crossing is certainly something that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Many of those who play it enjoy the calm, peaceful aspect that sets it apart from other video games, but beware – you can get hooked very easily. 

12. Decorate Your Space 

Seeing as cottagecore isn’t just limited to a certain aspect of your life, you can transform your entire living space to align with your style. 

If you’re bored or looking for a way to spend your time well, re-decorate your space and make it as aesthetically pleasing as you can. 

13. Spend More Time Outdoors 

Going for a walk or gardening aren’t the only ways to cherish the outdoors and any way you spend your time out there can be considered cottagecore. 

Perhaps you choose to practice your morning yoga or stretches surrounded by nature, or simply fancy reading a book on the grass, instead of in your bedroom.

Think about all the daily tasks you have and maybe try to relocate them to the outdoors, if possible.

14. Go Flower Picking 

Flower picking is such a whimsical way to spend your time, and you can even learn from the experience. 

Visit a local meadow, or even travel to a ‘pick-your-own’ farm specifically for choosing your floral beauties, and even make flower crowns afterward. 

Just make sure that, if you are picking wildflowers, you’re not damaging the ecosystem, and you’re not picking any protected flowers. 

15. Study in Your Local Park 

Much like spending your time outside, find every excuse to do so, including your study time. 

Your education doesn’t mean you need to compromise your much-deserved fresh air, and this makes studying in your local park the perfect fusion of practicality and nature.

To take it up a notch, why not pick up a study book about biology, animals, or agriculture?

16. Leave Out Food for Animal Neighbours 

During the winter, food can be a struggle for many animals, as the floor is snow-covered, and trees stop producing nuts and fruits. 

To do your piece for the environment and help your friendly animal neighbors, leave out some nuts and grains for them to snack on. 

Maybe you could consider hanging a bird feeder or putting out a bowl on your patio.

17. Have a Picnic 

On a sunny day, eating outside is almost the exact definition of making the most of the great weather, so have your picnic baskets ready next time there’s a heatwave. 

Even if it’s not too hot, any day that’s warm enough to spend time outside (even if you’re wrapped up) is suitable for a picnic, as long as it’s dry. 

As a bonus, perhaps try cooking and baking some goodies before you go, and bring them with you. 

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  1. Hello! All of these ideas are wonderful and so calming. I have been practicing this way of living. It is way more peaceful. I used to make candles in fervor, stressing, etc. It’s not just an aesthetic, it is a wonderful way of living.


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